Cheryl's Harps

Cheryl performs and teaches on:

Crochet-action pedal harp, attributed to the French maker Challiot, late 18th C, original soundboard, restored by Howard Bryan (41 strings)

Arpa doppia, 17th c., double row (Tim Hobrough, 1989)

(59 strings)

Welsh Triple Harp, 18th c., copy of an 18th c. Welsh triple in the collection at St.Fagan’s, Cardiff (Tim Hampson, 2001) 

Medieval harp

Renaissance bray harp

Double harp

Triple harp

SIngle-action pedal harp

Double-action pedal harp

Contemporary Celtic lever harps.

Wurlitzer, c. 1930, double-action pedal Model GG, # 1466 in original condition (45 strings)

Italian Triple Harp, 17th c

copy of the Barberini harp in Rome (David B. Brown, 1991) (78 strings)

Welsh triple harp (Rainer Thurau, 2009, Germany); copy of an original made by John Richards (1711-1789), Llanrwst, Wales, now at the Musical Instrument Museum in Berlin, Germany. (100 strings)

Triple Harp, 17th c., Cellini French style (Rainer Thurau) (84 strings)

Robert Bunker Lever Harp, 1989 (31 strings)

John Westling Cithara Nova Maple and Walnut Lever Harp, 2012 (34 strings)

Welsh Triple Harp (Bassett Jones, 1850, Cardiff, Wales)

Clark Irish Harp, serial #100, (c. 1919)

John Westling Cithara Nova Koa Lever Harp, 1999 (34 strings)

Udungu African Bow Harp

Pere Sera, Romanesque, animal head harp (Rainer Thurau, 1999) (19 strings)

Gothic Harp (Patti Pike, 1998) (22 strings)

Kentigern Medieval Harp, (Ardival Harps, 2016) (23 strings)

Bosch Gothic Bray Harp 

(Rainer Thurau, 1987) (21 strings)

Harpsicle, #3577, Harpsicle Harps (26 strings)

Gothic Harp, (David Brooks, 1980) (22  strings)

Blondel medieval lap harp (Tim Hobrough, 1992) (17 strings)

Gothic Harp (Patti Pike, 2000) (22 strings)