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Cheryl's Harps

Cheryl performs and teaches on:

Medieval harp

Renaissance bray harp

Double harp

Triple harp

SIngle-action pedal harp

Contemporary Celtic lever harps.

Single-Action 600w.png

Crochet-action pedal harp, attributed to the French maker Challiot, late 18th C, original soundboard, restored by Howard Bryan (41 strings)

IMG_0211 Double.jpg

Arpa doppia, 17th c., double row (Tim Hobrough, 1989)

(59 strings)

IMG_0242-Hampson Triple.jpg

Welsh Triple Harp, 18th c., copy of an 18th c. Welsh triple in the collection at St.Fagan’s, Cardiff (Tim Hampson, 2001) 

Italian Triple 600w.jpg

Italian Triple Harp, 17th c

copy of the Barberini harp in Rome (David B. Brown, 1991) (78 strings)

IMG_0230-Thurau Triple.jpg
IMG_0232-ThTriple Plaque.jpg

Welsh triple harp (Rainer Thurau, 2009, Germany); copy of an original made by John Richards (1711-1789), Llanrwst, Wales, now at the Musical Instrument Museum in Berlin, Germany. (100 strings)

IMG_0223 Cellini Triple.jpg

Triple Harp, 17th c., Cellini French style (Rainer Thurau) (84 strings)

IMG_0225 Bunker.jpg

Robert Bunker Lever Harp, 1989 (31 strings)

IMG_0217 Lever-Maple-Walnut.jpg

John Westling Cithara Nova Maple and Walnut Lever Harp, 2012 (34 strings)


Welsh Triple Harp (Bassett Jones, 1850, Cardiff, Wales)

IMG_0215 Celtic.jpg

Clark Irish Harp, serial #100, (c. 1919)

IMG_0246 Lever-Koa.jpg

John Westling Cithara Nova Koa Lever Harp, 1999 (34 strings)


Udungu African Bow Harp

Animal-Head Harp 800w.jpg

Pere Sera, Romanesque, animal head harp (Rainer Thurau, 1999) (19 strings)

IMG_1889 Lapharp 4.jpg

Gothic Harp (Patti Pike, 1998) (22 strings)


Kentigern Medieval Harp, (Ardival Harps, 2016) (23 strings)

IMG_1883 Lapharp 2 Frauenlob.jpg

Bosch Gothic Bray Harp 

(Rainer Thurau, 1987) (21 strings)

IMG_1894 Lapharp 5.jpg
IMG_1887  Lapharp 3 Harpsicle.jpg

Harpsicle, #3577, Harpsicle Harps (26 strings)

Gothic Harp, (David Brooks, 1980) (22  strings)

IMG_1870 Lapharp 1.jpg
IMG_1896 Blondell.jpg

Blondel medieval lap harp (Tim Hobrough, 1992) (17 strings)

Gothic Harp (Patti Pike, 2000) (22 strings)

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