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Dr. Fulton is on the faculty of UC Berkeley. She is a popular teacher and has a private studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, and also teaches via Zoom


If you are interested in lessons, please visit the CONTACT page.


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Cheryl's Students • In their own words

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     "Often teachers just tell you what to do, but they don’t teach you how to practice in order to get to that level of proficiency. Cheryl will do this. She can teach techniques analytically and scientifically, but at the same time she also teaches artistically. Sensitive to both the constraints of human learning and the possibilities of human creativity, her teaching is based on a profound knowledge of music and how it interacts with the human mind, body, and spirit. After listening to my playing, her suggestions and instructions are always absolutely right.
  After taking in-person lessons for two years, I had to move for work. Now I am a Skype student, but I do not feel any limitation from being far away. Although it is via a computer, Cheryl can still tell when my harp is out of tune even just a little bit. If you want to learn music you should find the right teacher, and Cheryl is that teacher. If you have ears to listen to her and embrace what she tells you, then you will experience music on a totally different level."
    - Yoshie Ushikoshi-Doebler, Sidney, Ohio
    “Not all artists are good teachers, but Cheryl certainly is. My time with Cheryl initiated one of my most positive learning experiences! Cheryl taught me to trust your own ear while using exercises that were stage appropriate and beautiful! Her knowledge and curiosity is embodied in her teaching style, which is comprehensive and easily facilitates good technique. I love working with Cheryl because she is energetic, warm and supportive. Her feedback is positive and clear, allowing me to make changes quickly and easily. Learning from Cheryl has transformed my experience of the beautiful instrument I play. I feel blessed to work with such a gifted and kind musician. Thank you!"
    - Nora Wright, MRP, CPCC. Nora is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, who uses the harp in her yoga and meditation classes.


     Cheryl Ann Fulton has a depth and breathe of musical understanding that reshaped my sound and understanding of the harp.  Grateful for our in depth work together, to bring out the best tone through relaxation, power and intention.
    - Amelia Romano


     Cheryl Ann Fulton is a master at teaching her unique harp technique for the most beautiful tone, with the least amount of tension.  I appreciate her loving patience, attention to detail, and wealth of information and experience that I continue to learn from and try to pass on to my students.
    - Portia Diwa
      Healing Harp Clinical Faculty at the Institute for Health & Healing, California Pacific Medical Center


     I can’t imagine finding a teacher more skillful than Cheryl Ann Fulton, both in the art of making music on the harp and in the art of teaching others. You can listen to her CDs and hear her artistry for yourself. Having studied both lever harp and Medieval harp with her now for three years, I can vouch for her outstanding ability to teach. Lessons are focused and productive from beginning to end, and Cheryl has an uncanny way of listening and watching and knowing exactly in each moment what to suggest in order to correct and advance my technique. She goes for excellence and settles for nothing less. Cheryl is also a wise, compassionate, human being who keeps me positive and engaged with the harp even when I get frustrated with myself.

     I am a 67 year old psychotherapist who studied classical piano in my youth and only returned to music at 64 to study harp with Cheryl.    My ear was way ahead of my abilities, and it was difficult to go back to being a beginner. I wanted not only to learn to play the harp, but to learn to play it well, regardless of how far I was able to advance. Cheryl has from the start focused on helping me to achieve excellent tone and technique with her remarkable “Touch and Tone” method, and I have not had a moment of regret or doubt that I am on the right path. You would not be able to find a better harp teacher. She lacks nothing.
    - Patti Wiley


     As an intermediate harpist, I took a Touch & Tone workshop with Cheryl that changed my life. I never realized how much better my harp could sound with a few simple changes in approach! Cheryl is a wonderfully generous and nurturing teacher. Want to try a Welsh triple harp? She is eager to share. No one loves the harp more than Cheryl and her devotion is contagious. There's no more plinky plinky for this gal! Thanks to Cheryl, I'm now teaching my own students, and it's Touch & Tone all the way.
    - Cornelia van Aken


      I an an attorney in private practice. I have been a harpist for about 15 years, and am now an intermediate player, but with some compositions of my own. The harp is my first instrument. I started taking lessons from Cheryl Fulton last Summer.  She is an outstanding teacher. She has helped my technique enormously. Her Touch & Tone method is well researched, deceptively simple, and excellent. Not all musicians can teach, for teaching is in itself an art, but Cheryl has this gift. She is blessed with patience, insight, enthusiasm, humor, and thorough musical knowledge of the instrument.  She is also a good friend.  I highly recommend Cheryl to anyone who wishes to learn the harp.
    - David James Trapp, San Jose, California.

    I am a retired Lutheran minister with previous experience as an organist/choirmaster.  My wife is a harpist and founded the Liturgical Harp Conference.  When we moved to California I decided to learn to play the harp.  There were plenty of teachers available, but I was not interested in pedal harp technique or repertoire.  For several years one of my favorite CD's was Cheryl Ann Fulton's "The Airs of Wales." Accompanying my wife to a historical harp meeting I was delighted to meet Cheryl Ann and she graciously agreed to take me on as a student.  It was exactly the kind of teaching I wanted.  Her Touch and Tone Technique makes playing the harp a wonderful experience.  I also was interested in medieval music, especially the work of Hildegard of Bingen.  Cheryl Ann located a wonderful medieval lap harp for me.  She not only taught technique but how to interpret and creatively play early music.  I deeply appreciate her teaching me and now the harp has much more meaning, and even deep soul satisfaction.
    - Rev'd Dr. C. Lynn Bailey STS. San Jose, CA


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