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The Butterfly

Arranged and performed by harpist Cheryl Ann Fulton

Lai de Aelis and La Quinte Estampie

Cheryl Ann Fulton, medieval harp; Peter Maund, percussion

The Harps in the Trees

Chant for the Trees

March of the Men of Harlech 

Performed by the Red Dragon Harp Ensemble

Adagio from Sinfonia IV in B-flat Major

by François-André Danican Philidor

Ars Antiqua: Mark Kramer, Artistic Director,  Cheryl Ann Fulton - continuo played on original c.1790 single-action pedal harp

Music of Waters

Composed by Shira Kammen

performed by Shira Kammen, voice & vielle and Cheryl Ann Fulton, lever harp

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