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More worldly and yet contemplative than any harp music you have likely heard up until now, The Once and Future Harp features the subtle, sophisticated compositions of Cheryl Ann Fulton - from medieval to modern - in a crystal clear recording that shows her to be at the height of her powers. Fulton's sparkling performances give this recording a luminous, transcendent quality.

Traditional Welsh Airs performed on an original Bassett Jones Welsh triple harp built in 1850 performed by an acclaimed “genuine virtuoso” using historical performance practice techniques that bring the music to life. Drawing at times powerful and other times serene yet luminous sound form this magnificent harp, Cheryl Ann Fulton shines on her best selling album The Airs of Wales.

A musical journey to the ancient land of Wales with a quartet of exquisite Welsh triple-strung harps live in concert. The music expresses the spirit of Wales in vivid melodies from martial to pastoral, tragic to cheerful. Lovers of folk and classical music alike will enjoy this delightful collection of traditional airs set in baroque and classical styles with a contemporary flair.

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