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Harp Secrets


The Foundations of the
Touch & Tone Technique

In the Harp Secrets Foundation Course Cheryl Ann Fulton presents the fundamental basics of her Touch & Tone Technique for Harp™ to help you develop an incomparably expressive, energetically flowing and physically healthy approach to playing many kinds of harps, whatever your level of proficiency.

This Course is for...


• Beginners who want to learn a correct and elegant method from the start.


• Intermediate and Advanced players who want to eliminate stress, improve their tone, and refine and enhance their playing.


• Therapeutic harpists who want to learn a technique that will connect them much more deeply with their own musical resonance as well as increase the vibrational output of their harps which they can then share with their patients.


• Harp Teachers who will find new ways of teaching the basics of posture, hand position, and tone production as well as more varied and nuanced articulation. 

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